GARS Online to Accounting Faculty and Students (Part 2)

And now with access to GARS Online for FASB Academic Access subscribers, the GASB expects that the new online platform will offer the same benefits to accounting faculty and students by reducing the amount of time and effort needed to research state and local governmental accounting and financial reporting standards.

Organizational Contacts
FAF: Christine L. Klimek, 203-956-3459,
AAA: Kurt Gardner, 941-556-4132,
AAA Academic Accounting Access
The AAA will provide direct services to accounting departments through its Academic Accounting Access program; issuing authentication credentials for faculty and students through Registered Accounting Programs, at a low annual institutional fee of $250.

This Academic Access program is available to accounting programs worldwide. Access to the FASB Codification and GARS Online will expire each year at the end of August. This program is NOT available for academic library subscriptions.

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