What Are The Advantages Of Binary Options?

Another fundamental advantage of binary options versus all other trading platforms is that you can trade all major asset classes under one roof. Yes you can trade some large cap stocks and the leading stock indices, as well as currency pairs, commodities like gold or crude oil, and even some bonds. All at a few clicks of the mouse. Where else can you trade stocks, indices, commodities and currencies so simply? Check it out, you cannot. And we are not talking about ETF or other proxies, we are talking about trading the real assets themselves.

Simplicity and ease of use are two of the benefits you will enjoy when you trade binaries. And the software provided for free by the leading binary brokers that we recommend are all state of the art with real-time quotations, trading, monitoring and reporting. This way you can focus on what really matters, making your predictions about market direction.

What are binary options types and features?

The main type is either a call (bullish) or a put (bearish) option. You buy a call if you think the asset is going up and you buy a put if your view is that it is going south. Recently brokers have added other option types so that you can refine your strategy. For example a range option is a bet that the asset will stay inside a specific range. A knock out option is a bet that the asset will reach a price target. All these tools and the ability to pick any of them on any of the traded assets let you create the strategy exactly tailored to your precise views.

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