Tips for trading binary options

Binary options have for the inexperienced trader a special fascination. Thanks to them, seemingly with ease can operate in the market. No wonder, since there are few concepts, which must be mastered and the applicable strategies are also manageable. Nevertheless, you should keep a beginner to a few rules.

Below I would like to provide you with important tips with you on your way. Once you have your account open, you familiarize yourself with the trading platform. Patience and discipline are two essential properties in the trade of high-risk products. Once you have carried out its first trades, we also recommend getting out.

You will not escape cocky or mourn after winning. Sit down at the beginning of the day, the best a target income, what you want to achieve. Be realistic.

Manage your positions

Money management is a fundamental component of trading represents. We recommend a maximum of five percent of total capital to invest in one position. Therefore, if you have a 100-euro account, then you need to invest at the beginning to 25 percent of your total capital. As soon as you have more money, you should definitely upgrade to the five-percent rule.

Once you have earned a lot of money at some point, we recommend that you only 1-3 percent of your capital to invest. So watch the position size of your bankroll to us, you minimize the risk.Understand the binary options trading is not considered gambling. Once you do, you will lose.

In forums, you read already from adventurous strategies. If, for example, is wrong with a call option in the EUR / USD, then you buy a call again while doubling his bet. When trading binary options broker is permanently against you, and because it provides the courses, it also has a slight advantage.

Therefore, buy an option is not so easy because the next guru promises you the moon, but also analyse the charts.Use a decent chart program. Creating an account with a stockbroker is good. In this way, you can get the stored real time charts on all time levels.

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